This website was funded by grants to the University of Southern California from the Baldwin Hills Conservancy (Proposition 84) and Baldwin Hills Regional Conservation Authority (Proposition A) entitled Urban Biodiversity Assessment: Baldwin Hills Biota Update (Travis Longcore, Principal Investigator) and undertaken as a collaboration with Greg Pauly, James P. Dines, and Miguel Ordeñana of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and bat consultant Stephanie Remington. The final report for the project can be downloaded here.

Text and graphics on this website were developed by Rachel Ison, Tiffany Swift, Blake Weber, Michelle Villarreal, and Travis Longcore. GIS support was provided by Nina Noujdina.

This  following disclaimer applies to the final report for the Baldwin Hills Biota Update and to this website:

This Report is not intended nor permitted to be used in any legal proceeding or in any manner as a statement concerning the conditions, at any particular time, on privately held property within the Inglewood Oil Field (IOF). Any reproduction or use of this Report without consent is expressly prohibited. The IOF has existed as an operating oil field for over 100 years. Due to its operational functions, unique topography and as privately held property, direct access was not granted for ground-based studies to inform the vegetation map or for faunal surveys for this Report. Permission for aerial mapping of the IOF privately held property was also not granted. No representation or warranties are made with regard to the exact accuracy of statements, charts or findings in this Report or as to the actual or prospective vegetation map or faunal survey for the IOF. The IOF does not intend for its uses to serve as markers for mapping or surveys. The IOF is subject to a Community Standards District (CSD) enacted by the County of Los Angeles and related post-CSD agreements which govern certain matters pertaining to the oil operations at the IOF and related fire-life safety, brush clearance and landscaping protocols unique to the IOF. This Report is not intended to impact the CSD and related post-CSD agreements.

Any updates, additions, or corrections to the information on this website will be considered.  Please send any feedback to longcore@usc.edu.