Exotic Grasslands and Shrublands


Hillside of Ice Plant in the Baldwin Hills


Pampas Grass in the foreground of the Baldwin Hills

As a result of human disturbance, much of the Baldwin Hills are covered by exotic grassland and shrubland. Some of these plants, such as Ice Plant (Carpobrutus edulis), Pampas Grass (Cortaderia jubata), and Giant Reed (Arundo donax) are considered highly invasive. An invasive plant is a non-native plant that is able to establish and spread quickly, so that it disrupts local ecosystems, displaces native plants, and alters biological communities. One highly visible example in the Baldwin Hills is the Ice Plant, which harms the native coastal scrub with its dense fibrous root system. This root system reduces soil pH and interferes with water and nutrient uptake for native coastal scrub. Overall, invasive plants remove energy from native food chains, and reduce the habitat for native wildlife species


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