Brown Garden Snail (Cornu aspersum)

Image by macrophile via flickr


Native to Europe, this snail is known for being eaten as escargot. It was introduced to California as a food source, escaped, and became a common garden pest in rural and urban areas.

Milk Snail (Otala lactea)

Iimage by Sam Fraser-Smith via Wikimedia Commons


Native to Spain, the Milk Snail is found in large colonies and is often considered a garden pest.

Trask’s Shoulderband (Helminthoglypta traskii)

Image by Cedric Lee via iNaturalist


This native snail used to be common throughout Los Angeles, but is now relatively rare due to loss of habitat. There have been some sightings in the Baldwin Hills, so look for it under rocks and logs. The name shoulderband comes from the dark band along the outer ring of the shell.

Draparnaud’s Glass-Snail (Oxychilus draparnaudi)

Image by Michael Manas via Wikimedia Commons


An introduced snail commonly found in urban landscapes, Draparnaud’s Glass-Snail has a distinctive dark body and glossy, yellow-brown shell.











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